Inspired to Rehabilitate in luxury™, Short Stay at Autumn Lake is self-sufficient to deliver clinical excellence in a luxurious retreat environment. Developing personal care relationships with residents, our compassionate caregivers administer 7-day accelerated therapies in our 5-star facilities.

Short Stay Services

Comprehensive OT, PT & Speech

Intensive sub-acute care

24/7 skilled nursing care

Specialized programs

Orthopedic rehabilitation

Pulmonary care

Palliative/hospice/respite care

Wound care

Restorative care

IV therapy

Pain management

Diabetes management

We take these clinical competencies and visionary healthcare model from our original Autumn Lake Healthcare platform. This celebrated care family is a local community treasure, where the country’s top therapists and nursing specialists serve short- and long-term residents with the finest in intensive rehabilitative care.

Whatever the duration of your stay, our exceptional care family is here to indulge you while assisting your recovery. We look forward to showing you the highest level of care and hospitality, so you can quickly return home.

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